11. März 2018
Oneofmy biggest passions is (I called my blog 'Le Macaron Magique'so what a surprise 😃) making macarons. My first macaron was a pistachio macaron I had in Paris many years ago on a school trip. I was in love with its tenderness and its fine flavor straight away and this was the beginning of a love story between these little french pastry and me 💕 At that time, macarons weren't so popular in Germany yet so it was really hard to find them. So the only way to have some macarons was to make...
08. März 2018
Hello there! Today is the day I've waited for for so long 🎉 I finally opened this website to share with you everything around my favorite activity: BAKING! (and eating of course 😜) So I hope you'll enjoy my new blog and website! 💕 I can't wait to share with you my creations and other food related stuff not only on my Instagram page as I did before but also here on this page 🎉